Name of the Programmes approved by the AICTE

  • B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
  • B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • B.Tech. Civil
  • B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech. CSE

Courses Offered

  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Information Technology   
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Master Of Computer Applications

Class Work

  • The students should be punctual to the classes
  • Students should be regular to class work to be eligible to attend the Lab work.
  • Prior permission should be obtained from the Head of the Department to abstain from any class work.

Lab Work

  • 100 % Attendance to Lab sessions is mandatory to get eligibility to appear for exams
  • Students who have shortage of attendance to class work will not be allowed to attend the Lab Sessions.
  • Strict discipline should be maintained during lab sessions.
  • Students should carry Observation books to the lab.
  • The computers and the lab equipment should be handled with care.
  • During the lab sessions students should do only the lab work assigned.

Academic Requirements

  • Students who meet the Minimum Academic Requirement only will be promoted to the next semester.
  • A student is deemed to have reached minimum academic requirement if he / she secures not less than 35% of marks in each theory, practical and drawing paper in the End Examinations and a minimum of 40% of marks in the sum total of the internal evaluation and End Examination taken together.
  • Every student is required to submit the work assigned to them within the stipulated time.


  • As per the University Regulations a student should acquire a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate for all subjects to attain eligibility to appear for the End Examinations conducted by the University.
  • Regularity to the classes is the prime requisite to become eligible to appear for the university examinations. So every student should ensure that he / she is regular to both theory and practical classes and avoid absenteeism.
  • If any student wish to take leave for a certain period it should be brought to the notice of the Head of the Department and a leave letter should be submitted. Sanctioning of the leave is at the soul discretion of the Principal and HOD.
  • In any case if any student abstains from the class because of any unforeseen reason a leave letter should be submitted to the HOD on the following day.
  • Shortage of attendance is viewed as gross violation of the Basic Discipline.
  • Students with shortage of attendance in aggregate up to 10% ( i.e between 65% and 75% ) will be allowed to write the examinations against the payment of an amount stipulated by the university as condonation.
  • Students with less than 65% of attendance in aggregate will not be allowed to appear for the examinations even against payment of condonation.
  • The condonation is not a facility provided by the university. It should be treated as an opportunity for those students who fail to attend the college because of genuine and valid reasons.


  • The schedule of the Internal and External examinations will be displayed on the notice board.
  • It should be noted that no student is individually intimated about the examination schedule.
  • Every student should attend all the internal examinations and model examinations conducted by the College.

Student Counseling

  • Students are given individual attention through this scheme. The prime objective of this scheme is to encourage the students to improve their academic performance and also to increase their levels of participation in the extra curricular activities.
  • Through this scheme parents are periodically informed of their ward’s progress in studies.

Placement Training

  • A full fledged Career Guidance & Placement Training Cell is constituted to train the students for better career opportunities right from the first year of the course.

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