• The library is open for all from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM on all working Days.
  • The Library has 1650 titles and 10124 volumes. The library has a subscription for 24 magazines and 25 journals. It is also subscribed to 3 English and 3 Telugu dailies.
  • The Library has DELNET Member ship with Online Journals
  • NPTEL Video Lessons available to serve the stackholders for enriching the knowledge
  • Students without ID cards will not be allowed to enter the library.
  • No student is allowed to enter the library when the class work is in progress.
  • All students have to register their names in the library to get the Library borrower's cards
  • Books issued on the borrower’s cards are to be renewed or returned after 2 weeks, failing which the student will be liable to pay a fine of Rs 1.00 per day per each book.
  • Students are advised not to keep the books with them for long time thus causing inconvenience to others.
  • Students will have to bear all the expenses to repair or replace if any of the library book is mutilated or lost.
  • Books which are meant only for reference will not be issued on the borrower’s cards.
  • Loss of the library cards should be immediately brought to the notice of the librarian. Fresh cards will be issued against the payment of a fee of Rs.20/- .


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