• Well laid play grounds are in place for outdoor sports like Volley ball and Shuttle badminton. Accommodation
  • Separate hostel facility is provided for boys and girls.
  • No student is allowed to stay in the hostel while the class work is in progress. Obtaining prior permission from the Principal / Chief Warden is mandatory to stay back in the hostel when the class work is in progress.
  • All the admission related matters of the hostel is decided by the Principal.
  • The hostels are administered by a chief warden who is also a senior faculty member.
  • All the hostellers are required to give a list of prospective visitors to the chief warden. Only close members of the family are treated as the regular visitors.
  • Admission to any visitor not mentioned in the list is purely on the discretion of the Chief Warden.
  • The visitors are to be received in the parlor.
  • The inmates are responsible to keep the surroundings and the rooms neat and tidy.
  • In no way any inmate should try to disrupt the peaceful environment and the privacy of the hostel.
  • Proper locking arrangements should be made by the students for their belongings.
  • Students are not allowed to keep very valuable things with them.
  • The hostel gates are closed by 7.00PM every day.
  • The hostel membership of every student lapses at the end of the academic year which has to be renewed every academic year.


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